Recruiting Trail

Tension arises when people ask, “What colleges are looking at you?” or “Where are you headed to college?” Players either get excited or shy about it. The recruiting trail for some people is short and easy. These players are typically division one bound athletes. They have universities flocking to them. The D-1 players, usually have an idea, where they want to go. As soon as their “dream school” offers, they typically accept. For many others, it is a long, hard whirlwind ride. One article refers to it is as “a million dollar business.”   This is true!

The first task, which is hard, is figuring out what level, the player is capable of playing. The typical division one girls, it is obvious. For example, the pitchers are blowing everything past the hitters. Or the hitter is crushing it, which makes the hitter division one, also. These girls are gifted skill wise and, also, their bodies are developed for their age. They are girls, you would look at and go “wow, they are playing in 16u, she looks 18!”

Once girls realize the division one schools are not calling, they are trying to figure out their level. The options are division two and three. There is NAIA and JUCO. Division two is similar to division one. The scholarship money is there. The division three level is different. They are not able to offer athletic scholarships. It is considered walking on. The coach doesn’t really know what players they will have until the first day of practice. Rumor has it though, they will offer a higher academic scholarship to make up for it. Division one, two, and three players all have to register with NCAA. They have strict regulations and have to constantly watch their actions.   NAIA level, athletic scholarships are offered. It is a four-year school, just like division one, two, and three. JUCO, referred to as, community colleges. They are two-year schools. The athletic scholarships are available. The goal is to reach the next level. The want to be a division one bound athlete.

There are recruiting agencies out there. Their goal is to find their client a school. The agencies want to get the athlete to the highest level possible. I had contact with one and they told me I needed to be willing to go anywhere in the United States. I was not interested in going far from home. They were not thrilled. Again, they could have found me a division one school but it could have been on the East Coast. I used my pitching and hitting coaches to help me find a school. A fabulous way to get recruited is go to the school’s camps. There are now exposure camps out there. All level of coaches show up and scout players. They would be willing to evaluate the player and find the best level.

Recruiting can be difficult. I am hoping this is helpful. It is stressful but everything happens for a reason. Just keep believing and there is a school out there for you!




2 thoughts on “Recruiting Trail

  1. I found your article very informative. I didn’t know much about recruiting in softball before and this really gave me some insight. This will definitely help girls who are looking for recruiting agencies. I like how you said to not stop believing people get discouraged when they don’t get contacted.


  2. I had no idea about how university athletes are recruited in the United States. Sometimes the way of recruiting go overseas. I liked your idea that participating a training camp is one of the good idea for players to find the best fit school. Now I am curious whether D-2 or D-3 teams have enough funds to recruit players or utilize recruiting agencies.


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